Saturday, July 30, 2011

MotoGP 2011 Laguna Seca

Once again Chuck and i roll into Monterey. Friday night it is drizzling in Pacific Grove. Dinner at Fishwife, Asilomar. Had the Mahi Mahi Bowl. Saturday morning breakfast at the Breakfast Club Seaside. Waffle combo. overcast with 70s forecast for the day. Ducati Island and am i going too fast?

Rev Limiter Passes
Allows you access to stand next to Pit Exit. No videos..... how could they tell? Repsol brought 3 riders - gone is the Repsol hospitality tent. Budgets.

Millions in salary and his leathers have a fitment problem. Or is this a new U.S. ritual? He is the obvious crowd favorite. Though the Honda and Yamaha Teams have more grunt for some reason.
Back on the Island
Ducati Island is a fun spot. Old and new bikes - people from all over. We were in the tent watching qualifying on the monitors. Sitting at a table drinking espresso and eating muffins and fruit. A guy did not sit down and stood in front of the monitor eating his grapes. I asked him discretely and kindly to please sit down so we could see the screen. He acted like i just insulted his whole family. I pointed to an open seat in front of him. He didn't say a word just took his grapes and walked away. Woah. Sorry, for not having xray vision. His friends sat at the table and asked him to come sit and he just said no. Otherwise most people on two wheels are just like other people. They have their bad days and good days.

The Corkscrew
This is a climb up the hill - sit in the shade of the old oaks and watch the racers fall off the top of the world into an asphalt pit. Chuck and i watched the Daytona Sport Bikes race and one guy slid thru the dirt and back onto the track with his bike and stopped in the middle of the road. That red flagged the race.
So, we crest the hill and order up some California Kitchen Pizzas. Back behind the beer tent we pulled up some empty kegs and sat down. Look at that view. You see the tower with big screens and most of the turns on the track. Plus you have the cool ocean breeze. Some guys were sitting over to our left mixing a lethal cocktail of Corona beer and tomato juice. What is the deal with that?
River Road
Reservation Road goes under 68 and turns to River Road. It heads south through farm land and vineyards. Kind of dusty and sandy out there. Returned to Salinas and a huge italian dinner at Ginos. Of course there was leftovers and we bagged them and i balanced them on my tank. Since i did not bring the saddlebags and tank bag. Pasta for breakfast. Sunday run home - up highway 1 to Santa Cruz - avoiding the beach traffic on 17 we took 9 to Ben Lomond and ate dinner at the Tyrollean Inn. When we left it was dark. Real dark. Riding in the mountains at night is not easy. When you get into a tight turn your head turns to see what is on the exit of the turn but all you see is black. Thank God made it home without an accident.

July 30 Breakfast at Alices
Met Chuck for breakfast - ran up 9 to 35 and it was sunny and dry until about a couple miles from Woodside. Fog and wet trees dripping on the road. But, a ride is more enjoyable when you can see where you are going. It all burned off - great ride.