Saturday, September 22, 2012

GPS Error?

I used to think this app was accurate - something does not seem right.


Run to Alice's - Saturday Breakfast

'65 Spyder replica - parked next to my VFR

 No need to open door to get in.

 Lotus Elise Club drive by - looks like these millionaires would rather dine on the coast. 

Nice day 80° - up Saratoga Hwy 9 - a little cool on the  Skyline - warm when i got to Woodside. Chuck showed up with his Ducati 1098 fresh out of the shop but, still running above normal temps. He overheated on the way home - had to pull over and cool down and limp home.... below are stats from the GPS app. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Steamer Lane 9-8

Lightning Storm & Burwell 1098 off to the shop

Wednesday Sept 5th - rode to work. Pulled the bike out of the garage and noticed rain spots on driveway. Thought to myself - it won't rain today it is suppose to be in the 80s. The sky was cloudier the more south i went. When i get to work it's lightning and thunder. Just as i drop all my gear in the office the rain starts. Gigante drops! No time to suit up - i hop on the bike and pull it around the building to the shop to get it out of the downpour. As i round the far end of the building big flash of lightning and rolling thunder just overhead. I think "please don't strike me down in the parking lot."

As i pull up to the loading dock - there is a truck blocking the entrance to the shop. Roll around it and into the shop where i hear that truck was just hit by lightning! Seconds before i got there! What timing.

 Below are shots of the sunset that day in Saratoga. The sky was churning.

Chuck had the 1098 picked up and brought to the shop. Major tune up and several parts to upddate. It blew a radiator hose on his way home Labor Day - he limped home starting at SFO. Should be good as new - maybe one more ride this season before tucking it away for winter. What am I saying - this is California - where we ride year round.

Santa Cruz Burrito Run 9-8-12

Working On My Burrito Belly
Saturday morning. On the road 8:40 over 17 to Santa Cruz. Temp about 60°
Light traffic - fog on the coast - sunny in the mountains.
West Cliff Drive - glassy conditions - small swell 3-4ft - foggy bottom boys.
On Mission Ave the sun is warm and time for breakfast at La Mission Restuarant.
Ham Breakfast Burrito, fresh salsa, hot tea. No more - no less.

 Across the tracks from Santa Cruz Yoga is a big rear wall -
and i can hear the voices from the past:
"Hey, what are we gonna do with all this black and white paint?"
Some surfer dude walks over and says: "No worries dude, I'll take care of it."

 Back at the Lane the fog has burned off.

 Heading back home - up Bay Street to UCSC and then up Empire Grade into the redwoods. Summit at Bonny Doon Rd and down into Felton. Up 9 and over to Saratoga. 
All the bike traffic was headed to the beach and it was clear ahead of me.

 This GPS speedo app on the iPhone tracks your trips and maps it and gives stats. 
You don't need to know my max speed.

Safe at home.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day Ride - 9-3-12

The VFR - she waits with a tank bag capable of carrying several burritos. Breakfast with Chuck - we ride to a classic old mexican restaurant in the Filmore.  Fill up on big portions of food. So much i cannot motivate to have dinner now at 8:58 PM. 

Jump across the Bay Bridge - Lots of CHP on the road - keeps everyone at a sane speed. I also noticed lots of road kill - i predict an earthquake coming.

Up 880 to Richmond and up San Pablo Dam Road. See map below when i started the GPS app to track the trip. Slow twisties - lots of traffic going the other direction! We had no one behind us and no one in front of us. At our peaceful pace through the bending country roads. Down into Hayward then up or under 580 east to Palomares Rd. South towards Fremont.

That is not a stick up there near the white line. Small deer leg. The head, rib cage and another leg are in the ditch to the left.  The circle of life.

Stopping for a break - Red Bull and H2O - 75° in the shade - warmer in the sun - but a great day for a ride. Lots of bike out today. Stopped in Fremont on Mission at Starbucks. Sat outside in the cool late afternoon breeze. I think this is where Alex and Joe spent time between classes. South to 237 and Chuck went on up 101 and i split off at Lawrence Expressway. Big 5 Labor Day sale - got a pair of Nike Batting Gloves for hot weather rides. We'll see how they work - not much protection for bones.

Chuck's 1098 Ducati blew a coolant hose near SFO airport. He nursed it home. Hope the damage is lite. Good thing he did not loose traction or stiction with coolant spray coming out all over the nice clean bike and rear tire.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Woodside Ride 9-1-12

Started the day off with car wash and bike wash
Local temps are slightly below normal - but, like warm fall California. When i finished the sun came out and temps climbed into the low 70s. Cleaned up and decided to take a ride out for lunch. Too late for breakfast. 
 Headed north to Saratoga Ave. 
Left on Cox Ave and up Peirce Road and over to Stevens Creek Reservoir
then up 280 to Woodside. Lots of bicycle traffic.

Lunch at  The Little Store Restuarant
BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich, fries and coke. Not as good as the Trail Dust Pulled Pork and Hog Wash.  But, they have Spaten Beer! None for me when on two wheels. They have out door tables on the porch - this is where i sat at the bar. Will return and enjoy the warm tables outside and watch the traffic as it heads west to climb up to skyline and Alices' - fun.

Ran Zillow on the current location and look at this - 801K for the house behind the restuarant. and a little more up the hill is a small place for only 2.20 Mil..... 

Route Home
Neet app on the iPhone GPS trip and speed tracker. Look at that Avg 42mph - we will not talk about top speed on this public forum.The other night i did a run and checked speedometer against the GPS speedo - +3-5 MPH error on bike.