Saturday, September 08, 2012

Lightning Storm & Burwell 1098 off to the shop

Wednesday Sept 5th - rode to work. Pulled the bike out of the garage and noticed rain spots on driveway. Thought to myself - it won't rain today it is suppose to be in the 80s. The sky was cloudier the more south i went. When i get to work it's lightning and thunder. Just as i drop all my gear in the office the rain starts. Gigante drops! No time to suit up - i hop on the bike and pull it around the building to the shop to get it out of the downpour. As i round the far end of the building big flash of lightning and rolling thunder just overhead. I think "please don't strike me down in the parking lot."

As i pull up to the loading dock - there is a truck blocking the entrance to the shop. Roll around it and into the shop where i hear that truck was just hit by lightning! Seconds before i got there! What timing.

 Below are shots of the sunset that day in Saratoga. The sky was churning.

Chuck had the 1098 picked up and brought to the shop. Major tune up and several parts to upddate. It blew a radiator hose on his way home Labor Day - he limped home starting at SFO. Should be good as new - maybe one more ride this season before tucking it away for winter. What am I saying - this is California - where we ride year round.

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