Thursday, May 03, 2012

Tune up and Repairs

The Crash and Recovery of 2011

The last post was back in October 2011. Over 6 months since I have ridden the VFR. The day after my day off in SF I took a solo ride to Santa Cruz. On my way back I made the mistake of following too close to an old woman who decided to suddenly stop. I grabbed too much front brake and dropped the bike. Black and blue on my left side for a couple months. Luckily the bike slid on its left side and only a few feet without touching anyone or anything. Amazing design of the bike controls when landing on a flat surface everything is tucked away. Some scratches and very little damage. Was able to ride home. Top cowl and left cowl to be replaced. 20,000+ miles - way over due for a major tune up.

The damage was done. It was my fault. I blame myself.

Plastic off. Naked. Some bent metal underneath. 
You can see the dent in the gas tank under the logo. I thought it was from the left grip. But, it was from the plastic edge of the side fairing. That is blunt trauma to make a crease like that. 
Might replace the tank later. Got to save some evidence to remind me to be more careful.

Transfer of lights to the new Top Cowl. 
Under the nose is a 1/4 inch hole where the ambient temperature sensor sits.

On the lift. Preped for surgery.
Valve spacing, new sprockets and chain (D.I.D. X-ring), new air filter, new spark plugs, coolant flush, Repsol Synthetic oil and filter change, fork oil change, suspension check, re-pack bearings, brake check - then minor gut of the mufflers.

Air Box bottom half off.


New air cleaner vs the original - i will change this more often; now i know how to get at it.

This is why most people do not go into the Operating Room while the doctor is performing surgery on your loved one. Reiterate. Just stay out of the way and sit in the waiting room or wait in the sitting room.
Everything's going to be ok. May day. May day. 5-1-12