Saturday, September 08, 2012

Santa Cruz Burrito Run 9-8-12

Working On My Burrito Belly
Saturday morning. On the road 8:40 over 17 to Santa Cruz. Temp about 60°
Light traffic - fog on the coast - sunny in the mountains.
West Cliff Drive - glassy conditions - small swell 3-4ft - foggy bottom boys.
On Mission Ave the sun is warm and time for breakfast at La Mission Restuarant.
Ham Breakfast Burrito, fresh salsa, hot tea. No more - no less.

 Across the tracks from Santa Cruz Yoga is a big rear wall -
and i can hear the voices from the past:
"Hey, what are we gonna do with all this black and white paint?"
Some surfer dude walks over and says: "No worries dude, I'll take care of it."

 Back at the Lane the fog has burned off.

 Heading back home - up Bay Street to UCSC and then up Empire Grade into the redwoods. Summit at Bonny Doon Rd and down into Felton. Up 9 and over to Saratoga. 
All the bike traffic was headed to the beach and it was clear ahead of me.

 This GPS speedo app on the iPhone tracks your trips and maps it and gives stats. 
You don't need to know my max speed.

Safe at home.

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