Saturday, September 01, 2012

Woodside Ride 9-1-12

Started the day off with car wash and bike wash
Local temps are slightly below normal - but, like warm fall California. When i finished the sun came out and temps climbed into the low 70s. Cleaned up and decided to take a ride out for lunch. Too late for breakfast. 
 Headed north to Saratoga Ave. 
Left on Cox Ave and up Peirce Road and over to Stevens Creek Reservoir
then up 280 to Woodside. Lots of bicycle traffic.

Lunch at  The Little Store Restuarant
BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich, fries and coke. Not as good as the Trail Dust Pulled Pork and Hog Wash.  But, they have Spaten Beer! None for me when on two wheels. They have out door tables on the porch - this is where i sat at the bar. Will return and enjoy the warm tables outside and watch the traffic as it heads west to climb up to skyline and Alices' - fun.

Ran Zillow on the current location and look at this - 801K for the house behind the restuarant. and a little more up the hill is a small place for only 2.20 Mil..... 

Route Home
Neet app on the iPhone GPS trip and speed tracker. Look at that Avg 42mph - we will not talk about top speed on this public forum.The other night i did a run and checked speedometer against the GPS speedo - +3-5 MPH error on bike.

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