Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Rear Tire - 8-11-2012

Went to clean bike,  lube chain, check oil and tires. Then notice that the rear is worn down to the steel belt! Yow! That is the farthest i have ever taken a tire. Could have been a blowout - what the heck! Looking at the sides it looks like plenty of tread - but, at center i was past the wear bars..... off to Road Rider to replace with new Pirelli Angel ST. Note the angel pattern. Need to take it easy on new tires - greasy skin to scrub off about 100 miles.
Then off to catch the Giants game with Chuck. Hot down here almost 80 - closer i got to the city it cooled off. Pleasant sunny and 70 in the city. Super warm on the third base box seats. Trip home was in the fog until San Mateo.

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