Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mines Road

The run up to Mount Hamilton - i can see the white observatory buildings from my living room.
My least favorite climb is the approach from San Jose heading east up to the summit. It is the bumpiest uneven road after the first ridge. After you reach the top you rest and enjoy the view of the valley and then descend into the valley to Mines Road which cuts thru the remote valley on the backside into Livermore. Bring a full tank.

The road out east is smooth with long stretches and plenty of sweeping curves. Next time i will go into Livermore and venture in from the eastern side.

Your cell phone is useless out there. Be careful. No real traffic either. If you fall off the road into a ditch - no one will be by for what could be hours. There are helicopter landing markings on the road. 75 mile run.

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