Sunday, October 09, 2011

steve jobs & Fleet Week

What a week it was
 First and foremost October 5 steve jobs passed away at 56. i spell his name the way he signs - all lower case. He will be missed. There will not be another like him.

Go Live
October 3 - monday - changes in the custom chrome website. Takes a lot of work - plus it will now be connected to the new inventory, accounting and ordering system. This is an ongoing project.

Fleet Week
Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson came under the Golden Gate Bridge at precisely 11am. This was the last ride for Bin Laden before his burial at sea.
Decided to take the VFR up to the city and that made it easier to park and get around traffic. But, traffic was crazy. Got to a parking lot at the Presidio just as the carrier came through the fog and under the bridge. Something that big coming under the bridge made the Golden Gate seem small.
My first shot below was with my helmet still on. Can't figure out what i was focused on - or maybe macro setting was on.  Navy helicopters hovered near the ship as it came under the bridge and then circled it into the bay.

Blue Angels above Lombardi Sports
Greatest rooftop party to view this event. On the approach flight path for the marina and Fort Mason. Feels like they are only a couple hundred feet above. I parked at the bike parking across the street on Jackson.
$2 burgers and a quick exit out. Might be a better show near the water - but you are pretty much stuck there for the day. Maybe a mountain bike. But, just too many cars in one place.

I remember bringing Joe to see the Blue Angels early on and it is always amazing to feel the power of those jets on a fly by.

Captain America: The First Avenger
End the day with a good movie. The theme was stars and stripes for the day.


Cityguide said...

Dang. I wish I had been there. Being an Army brat, I spent a lot of time around all kind of military hardware, but carriers and jet aircraft still symbolize to me the best our country has to offer: technological excellence, manufacturing capability and service dedication.

Cityguide said...

as for steve - nice touch going with lower case. he was taken from us too soon.