Sunday, June 17, 2012

6-17-12 First Start Up

Valves Tuned, coolant in, tank on

VFR  has the valves tuned and the top bits re-attached. Brad is detailed in cleaning and preparing all electrical connectors and coating tubes and covers with silicone. Looks showroom brand new and happy shiny all over. June 17 - Radiators and fresh coolant. Previously on L.A. Law the brakes and hydraulics were refreshed and bled. Front-end tuned up, all checked to spec and new fork oil. Bearings lubed. 

OEM Honda Coolant

Video of First Start-Up Since the Tune-Up Began

Stock muffler sound prior to the project gut. After the mufflers are removed - we start it up to hear just the headers feeding thru the cat converter. Nice! But, too loud for street use. It does sound like 2011 MotoGP - 800cc V4 Honda power.

Tail Section Fairing, Lights, Saddlebag Frames Removed

Note stainless heat shields and and polished end caps that give the distinctive VFR tail design. I think it looks good and is well designed but is a lot of weight to hang off the back end. The sound is pleasant enough - but the V4 engine has a distinct growl when the exhaust is altered slightly or when you buy an expensive set of mufflers. The problem with a nice sounding aftermarket muffler they do not fill the space the way the stock cans do. I want the bike to breathe easier and tune the sound up a bit - - but not be annoying.

Not a full gut as some would do. I don't want something that harsh. Found details on a discussion board of how this one guy tried just cutting the exit pipes to access the final baffle pipes that can be seen inside the outer exit pipes. Then use a dremel cutting wheel to lop off the final baffle pipes. The exhaust takes a couple of 180 degree turns thru the muffler and removing these final baffle pipes short cuts a turn back into the main chamber.

 Next post should have the gutted sound we are looking for. The exit pipe sections will be welded back on to complete the stock look. Then the plastic bits will be bolted back on - after the sprockets and new chain are hung in place. June 18 is ride to work day. Sorry i missed it but, i will be riding most of the days left in this summer and fall. No long trips planned. But, finally will be back on the road after parking these two wheels for over 6 months. There was a spider living between the mufflers. Evicted.

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Cityguide said...

Too loud for street use? Perhaps, if you have to be on the street at 7AM. That is a wickedly beautiful sound - Team Repsol would approve wholeheartedly.