Saturday, October 13, 2012

10-13-12 ride to Santa Cruz and up Hwy 1

Rain the past couple days - Giants advance and the 49ers are 4-1 - fall is in the air. Saturday started out clear and sunny - heading for the 70s. Got the VFR out and headed south on 17 to Santa Cruz. No wind, warm air and a small west swell rolling in. Ate lunch and got gas before going north on 1 - my plan is to take the reverse route that i usually take when coming from Alice's in Woodside. It felt weird like writing with my left hand on the other side of the paper. Different perspectives are good. Change is good. Lots of riders out. 

North of Davenport
There is a beach access just south of Waddell Creek Beach - couple miles north of Davenport. I have never stopped there until today. Nice little beach below and a rock island that sets wrap around. One guy out. Benches on the cliffs above near the parking lot. So nice and quiet only the sound of birds and waves - cars on the highway and bicyclists in loud conversation. No need to yell we can all hear you. Did not venture down the trail to the beach - that will be another day. I had plenty of time to kill and could have gone down there to fall asleep in the sand. But, i would rather be riding. So, into the traffic up the coast to 87 that heads thru La Honda along Gregorio Creek.  
Leaves changing color - yellows and reds in the sun spots between the redwoods. Wanted to stop and shoot a pic. But, no turn offs - unless i wanted to turn back. Thought about it - but, kept going east over the ridge. Perfect 70 degree temps - no sweat - no overheated engine between my legs. 

Home - where i key in this new blog entry. Done.

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