Sunday, July 01, 2012

Corbin Event Hollister 2012

Met Gerry at the office saturday morning 8:20 - he was taking the CV bagger down to display. The event was bigger than last year. Lots more people rode in and all kinds of bikes. Dogs on trikes, WW2 style bagger, rat bikes, sport bikes and drag bikes.

 Windvest laser etched windsheilds.

 Digital controlled stitching.

2012 VFR
I like the blue and silver better than the red and silver. Some of the improvements i understand - others i do not. Engine size increase from 800 to 1200. But then putting a smaller gas tank on to cut the range even more on a sport tourer? Shaft drive and smoother transmission with optional automatic... who is in the target demographic? Lazy old guys who want to make more stops for gas and sit around drinking lattes? Side fairing design plays off CBR but the Gold Wing front headlight transformer thing i don't like. The VFR can't seem to make up its mind what it is. Too heavy to be sport bike or sport tourer. For the money and design i would go to BMW or Ducati. VFR almost on target - near miss.

 Nice day - not as hot as last year - more people. Left around 1:30 just as the wind picked up.

Lots of bikes in line having a seat made and fitted.

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