Monday, July 30, 2012

Lesson on Day Off After MotoGP

It is a miracle we are alive.

 Last night on the return trip home after the 2012 MotoGP weekend in Monterey, it was foggy and the roads wet. So, you have a mist on your visor in the dark and then you get into slow traffic on 101. Nervous riding. Had a bad feeling so i signal Chuck to exit on Leavesley and we ride Monterey Road into Morgan Hill. Then dryer conditions take over. Got home stressed and tired and get up late and decide to take the bike out to breakfast.

When i merge onto 85 traffic is fairly light. I look to my left and decide to get over to the commuter lane and it looks clear. But, i do the stupid thing of jumping two lanes at once between cars. As i do i see a SJPD patrol car slow suddenly in my mirrors. I just cut him off and he avoided running into me. So, needless to say. The lights come on and i pull off the the freeway exiting Santa Theresa and pulling into the light rail parking lot. I shut off the bike and get off. He pulls up next to me and rolls down the passenger side window. We look at each other and i know we both look like our eyes are bugging out. He says "Hey- i almost squished you." Then shakes his head. I say " I'm sorry, so, sorry.... i looked over and thought it was clear...."

Cop: "Oh, yeah it was clear but, if at that same moment i thought of speeding up - you would not live through that!" 

Cop: Thank the Lord - that did not happen! I do not want to squish anyone today! Man, i used to ride and you are not riding crazy and speeding and doing wheelies down 85. But, you got to take one lane at a time and be more careful!

Me: I know; i know. I'm sorry - stupid move. 

Cop: I am not going to write you a ticket today. You just have to be more careful.

Me: Thank you, I'm just going to get breakfast and go home and put the bike away.

Cop: Good idea. Be safe. Have a nice day.

I thank God i am alive and breathing today.

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