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MotoGP Laguna Seca 2012

FRIDAY July 27

Chuck and I ride down to his parents home in Monterey Friday. 70 degree sunny and breezy in the valley. VFR is loaded with saddle and tank bags. I need to take it slow and adjust to the weight. Couple things I notice my headlights seem to be on high beam. The secondary high beam lamps seem dim. Could the connectors be swapped? The left side saddle bag bar carrier was bent from October. Just slightly in towards the plastic tail. When we pulled it out it changed the geometry and now the bag hangs off the lock bar and does not sit fully square on the bottom hanger bar. I took up the space by zip tying on some thin foam. No wiggles ready to go.

After unloading our extra gear at Mr & Mrs Burwell's house just a mile from the track on 68 - we ride down to Wharf 2 in Monterey for dinner. Sandbar & Grill - crab cakes, Salmon caught in the bay friday morning and scallop potatoes. 

Saturday July 28

Out to Ducati Island and damp conditions - foggy, misty and wet. Could not see the cars parked on the hill.

At the hospitality tent we had espresso, water and fruit and biscotti and a bagel from home.
There are all kinds of people from all over the world. At the Walgreens friday night -  a spanish guy is asking about relief for heart - a-burn. We try to prescribe stuff we know nothing about.

 Valentino Rossi mobbed by his followers. Of course through out qualifying who was the cam copter following around? But, he could not do better than 10th on the grid. Still, who has the most championships and entertaining personality than Vale?

 The Red Bull umbrella girls dressed like flight attendants on saturday.

 Mr. Burgess
Randy Mamola' Moto X2 bike - some celebs get to put on leathers and go for a ride. They get to keep the suits if they crap in them.

 Stoner breaking his own track record. But, gets bumped to 2nd on the grid by Lorenzo.
 Copter chasing Rossi around the Corkscrew.
 View from the top of the hill.
 AMA Superbikes in paddock.

Met Michael Eastman and his daughter Madi at the track. Gerry Bruce was there for saturday and we all hiked up to the corkscrew during qualifying.

When Chuck and i left we took the long way home thru what Steinbeck called the Pastures of Heaven. A valley between Monterey and Salinas. As the sun sets it casts light between the hills and the small two lane roads wind between trees, vineyards and ranches. There is alot of sand out there - so, watch the speed.

Sunday Race Day - July 29

Ducati Island with a breakfast burrito and espresso. Walk around checking out the different bikes. Could the Multistrada be my next bike?

 The new Panigale 1199 superbike. Note, no trellis frame or hot pipes under your butt. No passengers.

 Tribute hat to Simoncelli.
Old Yamaha two strokes
I hope our olympic teams are not eating this way. It could effect your performance. Kojak parking spots.

Morning Warm up fog and cold brakes put Hayden into the air fence on turn 5.

 Meet them outside of the paddock and they would not look at you like this. They will happily pose with your embarrassed son, while everyone even your son knows this photo is just for you - you bad dad. And stop making the kid wear a backpack bigger than him loaded with all your swag.
  Superbike crash - not a happy turn out.

Start 2pm from the Grandstands. Lorenzo led most laps and then had a light moment at the top of the corkscrew. Probably scared him enough to back off - then Stoner took him after 11 on the straight. Previous reports are not reliable. Spies bike broke on the corkscrew and he fell into the dirt. Then 2 laps left Rossi eats it at the top of the corkscrew. Photos from Soup

Hayden came by after scoring 6th place and picked him up. Photo from

Final race of the day AMA Superbikes. Met up with John Wunderlich, Rob K, Jim D and we went to dinner. 

But, on the way JohnW's 919 breaks the chain and he had to leave it for pickup after dinner. Eventful weekend. Back to work tomorrow.

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