Monday, July 30, 2012

Pastures of Heaven

Low res 640 x 480 digital video cam on my tank bag, Following Chuck on his 1098 thru the valley Steinbeck called the Pastures of Heaven. About 6pm - soundtrack music by Scott Rolf - untitled composition as of July 2012.

Blogger seems to res down the video and it does not play on iPhone. Facebook has a better posted version.
Going to test video on tumbler, next.

3 comments: said...

hey I like riding like this, cuz I don't even have to wear a helmet!

Banzai88 said...

Sounds Satrianish; goes well with this vid.

Cityguide said...

That was a nice segue from a day at the races to a home-cooked meal and cold beer. Steinbeck would have approved.